Faculty and staff


Weiqiang Li

Principle Investigator (Professor of isotope geochemistry)


Shichao An (postdoc)

Shichao got his doctor's degree at University of Science and Techology of China. He worked on dating of ultra high pressure rocks by Sm-Nd methods under the guidance of Professor Shuguang Li at USTC.


Pei Sun

Administrative assistant


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Graduate Students


Shugao Zhao (PhD candidate)

Shugao is currently working on skarn mineralization using metal stable isotopes


Hui Ye (PhD candidate)

Hui is currently working on Fe isotope geochemistry of precambrian  iron formations. Co-supervised with Prof. Changzhi Wu


Chuan Liu (PhD candidate)

Chuan is currently working on experimental calibration of Mg isotope fractionation between dolomite-analogue minerals and aqueous solutions


Kang Shuai (PhD candidates)

Kang is working on Ti isotope cosmochemistry, co-supervised with Prof. Hejiu Hui


Dehong Du (PhD candidate)

Dehong is currently working on Fe isotope composition of highly evolved igneous rocks. co-supervised with Prof. Xiaolei Wang


Jiaxin She (PhD candidate)

Jiaxin is working on Sn isotope geochemistry.


Zhiguang Xia (PhD candidate)

Zhiguang is working on K and Mg isotope geochemistry of evaporites


Jun Mu (PhD candidate)

Mu Jun is currently working on K isotope geochemistry of continental weathering.


Qingyu Huang (MSc student)

Qinyu is currently working on Fe isotope geochemistry of Neoproterozoic iron formations


Weihao Yan (MSc student)

Weihao is currently working on metal stable isotope geochemistry of ultra-high pressure metamorphic rocks, co-supervised with Prof. Qin Wang


Xianglong Luo (MSc student)

Xianglong is currently working on K isotope geochemistry of igneous rocks.


Yuqi Li (MSc student)

Yuqi is currently working on K isotope fractionation between alunite and aqueous solutions


Haoran Xu (MSc student)

Haoran is currently working on Mg isotope geochemistry of dolostones


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Undergraduate students


Jiayang Chen

Jiayang is currently working on uXRF


Zhihan Ji

Zhihan is currently working on isotope fractionation during diffusion


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Previous members

Matt Brzozowski (postdoc, 2019-2020, returned to Canada and continues his scientific career in Lakehead University)

Jilin Duan           (postdoc, 2019-2020, now a faculty member at East China University of Technology)

Wenxian Gou      (2019 PhD, now postdoc at Nanjing University)

Zhongya Hu        (2019 PhD, now postdoc at Tongji Univeristy)


Hongbin Li          (2020 Msc, now geologist at No. 902 Geological Brigade of Jiangxi Geological Burea)

Ruolin Liu           (2020 Msc, graduated and started her career in China Mobile Inc.)

Xiaomin Wang    (2018 Msc, now engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Shanghai)

Bingfei Gao         (2017 Msc, now staff geologist at Jiangsu Geological Survey)


Chong He            (2020 Bsc, admitted to Graduate School at University of Leeds)

Muhtar                (2017 Bsc, continued graduate study at Nanjing University)

Yizhou Lu            (2017 Bsc, admitted to Graduate School at University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Hengdi Liang      (2017 Bsc, admitted to Graduate School at University of Southern California)

Feifan Zhao         (2017 Bsc, admitted to Graduate School at Beijing University)

Tianyi Huang       (2016 Bsc, admitted to Graduate School at University of Washington)

Shun Yao             (2015 Bsc)