Updates/Group logs

  • 2021/5/3-5, eleven people of our group went to Jixian of Hebei province to do fieldwork on Mesoproterozoic carbonates. Prof. Xuelei Chu and Dr. Linzhi Gao guided us in the field. We saw beautiful stromatolite and molar tooth carbonates, we collected a lot of samples, and we had a lot of fun!

  • 2021/4/22-26, two papers were accepted for publication. One is a Fe isotope study on the Marathon PGE-Ni deposit by former postdoc Matt Brzozowski, the other is a Mg isotope study on dolostones from Edwards formation by former PhD student Zhongya Hu. The two papers will appear in Chemical Geology and Sedimentary geology later this year. Congratulations to Matt and Zhongya!

  • 2021/3/8, Weiqiang Li joined the editorial board of the journal Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta and started to serve as an associated editor for GCA.

  • 2021/2/18, a paper entitled "Sn(II) chloride speciation and equilibrium Sn isotope fractionation under hydrothermal conditions: a first principles study" has been accepted for publication in GCA. This is the second Sn isotope paper from our group, and a result of close collaboration between PhD students Tianhua Wang and Jiaxin She, who are co-first authors under the supervision of Xiandong Liu and Weiqiang Li, respectively. Congrats to Tianhua and Jiaxin.

  • 2021/1/14, PhD student Yang Zhang's paper, "Experimental investigation of the reactions between pyrite and aqueous Cu(I) chloride solution at 100–250 °C" has finally been accepted for publication in GCA. The writing of this paper started in 2017, and the first version was submitted to GCA in 2018. Over the past four years, this paper experienced four rounds of reviews by at least six reviewers,  one rejection, and numerous rounds of major revisions. This paper witnessed the true struggle of Yang in his way fighting for his PhD degree. But all the sweat and tears will pay off, congratulations to Yang!



  • 2020/12/1, a paper entitled "Mg isotope evidence for restriction events within the Paleotethys ocean around the Permian-Triassic transition" has been accepted for publication in Earth and Planetary Science Letters. This is a part of the PhD work of Zhongya Hu, finally this is to be published! Congratulations to Zhongya!

  • 2020/11/27, Hongbin Li, a geologist from 902 Geological Prospecting Company, Jiangxi Province, submitted his thesis for Master's degree today. On Sep 9, he sucessfully defended his thesis entitled "Geological characteristics and ore-controlling factors of theHuxi wollastonite deposit in southern Mengshan". Congratulations to Hongbin and wish him a successful career in geology!

  • 2020/11/2, Dr. Matt Brzozowski finished his postdoc job and returned back to Canada today. He has made great contribution to our group during the past two-years. We appreciate the excellent work he has done at Nanjing University and we wish a great future for him!

  • 2020/8/31, the new semester starts today! With all students allowed to be returned to campus, our life restores normality. Our group also experiences metabolism: Prof. Changzhi Wu has left Nanjing University to join Chang'an University as a titled professor; Dr. Jilin Duan will also leave for another academic job. Earlier this year, Chong He, Haoran Xu, and Yuqi Li successfully defended their thesis for Bachelor's degree, Chong is going to pursue a Ph.D. degree at the University of Leeds, whereas Haoran and Yuqi are continuing with graduate study at Nanjing University, still in our group.

  • 2020/7/21, Weiqiang Li joined the editorial board of Elsevier journal "Geochemistry" (formerly CHEMIE de ERDE; impact factor in 2019: 2.87) and started to serve as an associate editor for the journal.

  • 2020/6/24, a manuscript entitled "Extracting Mg isotope signatures of ancient seawater from marine halite: a reconnaissance" has been accepted for publication in Chemical Geology. This paper is first-authored by Zhiguang Xia and co-authored by many evaporite experts in the world. Zhiguang worked very hard in the lab for one year and established a method to analyze Mg isotopes in halite, his hard work finally paid off. Now we are the first in the world to have such capability, congratulations to Zhiguang!

  • 2020/6/4, finally, our manuscript entitled "Termination of Cryogenian ironstone deposition by deep ocean euxinia" is accepted by Geochemical Perspectives Letters. Our project on Neoproterozoic banded iron formations in south China, which started back in the spring of 2016 by fieldwork in Xinyu, reached a milestone. This project was done through collaboration between Prof. Changzhi Wu (field geology), Prof. Tao Yang (S isotope), and Prof. Weiqiang Li (Fe isotope), a very successful combination of different expertise!

  • 2020/5/19, a manuscript entitled "Cu isotope systematics of conduit-type Cu–PGE mineralization in the Eastern Gabbro, Coldwell Complex, Canada" has been accepted by Mineralium Deposita for publication. This work is done by Matt Brzozowski at Nanjing University. This is also the first Cu isotope paper in our group. Congrats to Matt!

  • 2020/5/14, the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the world, our lab not an exception. The British engineers cannot come to finish the rest of the Nu1700 Sapphire MC-ICP-MS installation in the near foreseeable future. We have decided to start using the mass spectrometer with its current, limited capabilities. An agreement has been made between Nanjing University and Nu Instruments company, that the warranty for the Nu1700 Sapphire MC-ICP-MS starts from May 14, 2020, and we can start using it for Mg and Fe isotope analyses!

  • 2020/2/28, a manuscript entitled "An isobaric spike method for absolute isotopic ratio determination by MC-ICP-MS" has been accepted for publication in Analytical Chemistry. Kang Shuai is the first author, congrats to Kang!

  • 2020/1/21-1/28,engineers from Nu Instruments came to our lab to install the Nu 1700 Sapphire MC-ICP-MS. First stage installation was successful, the ICP ignited and a beam was found.



  • 2019/12/22, a manuscript entitled "Transformation of amorphous precursor to crystalline carbonate: insights from Mg isotopes in the dolomite-analogue mineral norsethite [BaMg(CO3)2]" has been accepted for publication in GCA., this is the first paper by Chuan Liu, after four years of hard work, his experimental work is finally published, congrats to Chuan!

  • 2019/12/12, a manuscript entitled "Calibrating equilibrium Fe isotope fractionation factors between magnetite, garnet, amphibole, and biotite" has been accepted in GCA, this is the second Fe isotope paper by Hui Ye, congrats to Hui!

  • 2019/11/13-22, Dr. Maxwell Lechte from McGill University visited Nanjing University. He joined Weiqiang Li, Changzhi Wu, Qingyu Huang, and Kai Gan and did fieldwork in Sanjiang county of Guangxi province and Tongdao county of Hunan province.

  • 2019/10/28, a manuscript entitled "Fe isotopic fractionation during magmatic– hydrothermal stage of granitic magmatism" has been accepted in Lithos, this is the second Fe isotope paper by Dehong Du, congrats to Dehong! 

  • 2019/10/23, a manuscript entitled "Sn isotope fractionation during volatilization of Sn(IV) chloride: laboratory experiments and quantum mechanical calculations" has been accepted in GCA, this is the debut of the Sn isotope geochemistry study at Nanjing University. Jiaxin She and Tianhua Huang co-first authored this manucript. This is a product of the fruitful collaboration between the isotope geochemistry group led by Weiqiang Li and the computational geochemistry group led by Xiandong Liu. We look forward to more to come! 

  • 2019/10/19, a manuscript entitled "Reactive Iron isotope signatures of the East Asian dust particles: implications for iron cycling in the deep North Pacific" has been accepted in Chemimcal Geology. This is the first paper produced through collaboration between the isotope geochemistry group led by Weiqiang Li and the marine geochemistry group lead by Tianyu Chen.

  • 2019/09/01, Jun Mu and Xianglong Luo officially joined our group as masters students, welcome, Jun and Xianglong!

  • 2019/8/18-23, Weiqiang Li and Chuan Liu presented their research at the Goldschmidt Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

  • 2019/5-2019/8, in this graduation season, Zhongya Hu and Wenxian Gou have successfully defended their PhD theses and earned their PhD degrees. Congratulations to Dr. Hu and Dr. Gou! We wish the best for your career and life after education at Nanjing University!

  • 2019/6/26, a mini-review paper entitled "Environmental applications of metal stable isotopes: Silver, mercury and zinc" has been published in Environmental Sciences.

  • 2019/6/20, a paper entitled "Fingerprinting hydrothermal fluids in porphyry Cu deposits using K and Mg isotopes" has been accepted for publication in Science China: Earth Sciences. This paper will be published in both English and Chinese.

  • 2019/6/10-15, Weiqiang Li, Changzhi Wu, Muhtar made a field trip to south Xinjiang Province, China

  • 2019/5/14-18, Weiqiang Li and Changzhi Wu led a field trip with their mentor Prof. Lianxing Gu, and students and postdocs, and visited four salt lakes on Tibetan plateau in Qinghai province.

  • 2019/5/10, a paper entitled "Geological cycling of potassium and the K isotopic response: insights from loess and shales" has been published in Acta Geochimica.

  • 2019/5/7-8, Weiqiang Li attended the 651th "Xiangshan Science Forum" on Planetary Sciences and Deep Space Exploration.

  • 2019/4/19-22, Weiqiang Li, Jiaxin She, Chuan Liu, Zhiguang Xia, and Jun Mu attened the "17th Assembly of the Chinese Society for Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry" in Hangzhou, Jiaxin, Chuan, and Zhiguang each gave a presentation in the session of isotope geochemistry.

  • 2019/3/22, a paper entitled "K isotopes as a tracer for continental weathering and geological K cycling" has been accepted in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS). Shilei Li, a student co-supervised by Weiqiang Li, is the first author. Congrats to Shilei!

  • 2019/3/13, a flame photospectrometer is installed. This simple and reliable instrument has excellent analytical capability for K, Na, Li, and Ca concentrations in solutions, and will complement the ICP-OES for analyses of K, Na, and Li.

  • 2019/3/1, Jilin Duan, PhD from China University of Geosciences, Beijing, officially joined the metal isotope geochemistry group, she will be working on Fe-Cu-K-Mg isotopes in porphyry Cu deposits in Tibet. Welcome, Jilin!.

  • 2019/1/15, a paper entitled "Effects of early diagenesis on Mg isotopes in dolomite: the roles of Mn(IV)-reduction and recrystallization" has been accepted in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acat. This is the second paper out of the collaboration between Nanjing University and the University of Haifa on Cretaceous dolomite.

  • 2019/1/7, a paper entitled "The Neoproterozoic “Blood falls” in Tarim Craton and their possible connection with Snowball Earth" has been published in JGR-Earth Surface, this paper was first-aurthored by Bingfei Gao, a former group member, congrats to Bingfei!

  • 2019/1/1, Matthew Brzozowski, PhD from University of Windsor, Canada, officially joined the metal isotope geochemistry group, he will be working on Fe and Cu isotopes in magmatic Cu-Ni sulfide deposits. Welcome, Matt!


  • 2018/12/22-24, Weiqiang Li, Prof. Qin Wang, and three students went to Qianshan County, Anhui province to sample eclogite from the ultra-pressure metamorphic zone.

  • 2018/12/1-6, Weiqiang Li visited the Nu Instruments factory and had an on-site inspection for the collision-cell Nu 1700 MC-ICP-MS

  • 2018/11/26-30, Weiqiang Li visited University of Leeds, University College London, and University of Bristol. He gave a talk entitled: "Using dolomite record to reconstruct seawater δ26Mg in geological history" in each of the institutions

  • 2018/11/17, a manuscript entitled: "Conservative behavior of Mg isotopes in massive dolostones: From diagenesis to hydrothermal reworking" has been accepted for publication in Sedimentary Geology. Congrats to the first author, Zhongya Hu!

  • 2018/11/17, Weiqiang Li gave a talk entitled "Using metal stable isotopes to study base metal mineralization" in China University of Geosciences, Wuhan.

  • 2018/11/2-5, Weiqiang Li, Shugao Zhao, and Jun Mu (a future Masters student to Nanjing University) took a field trip to Xinyu, Jiangxi Province, where they visited and sampled the newly discovered Giant Wollastonite new Xinyu, with help from people from the Geological Prospecting Team 902.

  • 2018/10/20-23, China Geophysical Union was held in International Conference Center, Beijing, China. Weiqiang Li attended this conference and gave two talks, entitled "Progresses in Mg isotope geochemistry of dolomite" and "Extracting Mg isotope signatures for ancient seawater from halite inclusions", respectively.

  • 2018/9/24-27, invited by Prof. Adrian Immenhauser at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Weiqiang Li visited GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Kiel, Germany and attended the CHARON meeting on Carbonate geochemistry. Weiqiang Li gave a talk on "Using dolomite record to reconstruct seawater δ26Mg in geological history"

  • 2018/9/12, International Symposium on ore forming fluids and metallogenic mechanisms was held in Nanjing University. Weiqiang Li was invited to give a talk on "Using metal stable isotopes to study hydrothermal mineralization"

  • 2018/9/1, Qingyu Huang and Weihao Yan are joining our research group as new Masters students, Welcome! Qingyu and Weihao!

  • 2018/9/1, Dr. Shichao An, PhD student of Prof. Shuguang Li from University of Science and Technology of China, is officially joining our research group as a postdoctral research associate. Welcome! Shichao!

  • 2018/8/21-24, Dr. Kideok Kwon from Kangwon National University of Korea visited Nanjing University, and gave a talk on his resent progresses in computational geochemistry.

  • 2018/8/6, A micro X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer is installed, the research group gains new analytical capability! 

  • 2018/07/15-19, the second summer school on "Non-traditional Stable Isotope Geochemistry" was held at University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei. On July 18, Weiqiang Li gave a three-hour lecture to some 400-attendants of the summer school, on the topic of "Applications of metal stable isotopes in mineral deposit research"

  • 2018/07/16, a manuscript entitled: "Zinc isotope fractionation during sorption onto Al oxide: atomic level understanding from EXAFS. Environmental Science and Technology" by Wenxian Gou has published in EST. Congratulations to Wenxian!

  • 2018/06/29, Weiqiang Li gave a talk entitled "Recent progresses in high precision K isotope analysis by MC-ICP-MS" at the National Institute of Metrology in Beijing

  • 2018/06/03, the second Symposium on Multi-collector mass spectrmetry was held at University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei. Weiqiang Li gave a talk on "Precision, accuracy, and related issues" in this symposium

  • 2018/06/03, a manuscript entitled: "Mg isotope response to dolomitization in hinterland-attached carbonate platforms: Outlook of δ26Mg as a tracer of basin restriction and seawater Mg/Ca ratio" has been accepted for publication and is now online in GCA. This is a result of fruitful collaboration between Nanjing University of University of Haifa in Israel!

  • 2018/05/29-30, Dr. Nicolas Waldmann from Univeristy of Haifa visited Nanjing University and gave a talk entitled "Insights into ~2 Ma of climate reconstruction in the Levantine Corridor: a tectonic bridge for latitudinal migration of fauna and flora Out of Africa"

  • 2018/05/28 Xiaomin Wang passed his thesis defense for Masters degree! Congratulations to Xiaomin!

  • 2018/03/17-25, Weiqiang Li, Yukun Shi, and Chuan Liu spent a week in Israel and sampled dolomite in the early Triassic and Jurassic, as well as halite samples from the Deadsea

  • 2018/01, a manuscript entitled: "Oxidation and deposition of iron-rich saline water below glacier cap: Genesis of Neoproterozoic Quruqsay iron deposit on northern margin of Tarim craton" by Bingfei Gao has been published in Mineral Deposits (in Chinese with English abstract), congrats to Bingfei!

  • 2018/01/04-07. Weiqiang Li visited Dr. Kideok Kwon's lab at Kangwon National University in Korea for academic exchange and gave a seminar on banded iron formation


  • 2017/12/09-12. the group member attended the 8th Congress of Economic Geology and Mineral Exploration of China in Nanchang, and gave 5 oral presentations. Weiqiang Li gave a plenary talk on banded iron formations in front of 1000+ audience.

  • 2017/11/16-19, the group members attended the 11th Conference of Isotope Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry of China in Hefei, and gave seven oral presentations.

  • 2017/10/14-21, Dr. Or Bialik from University of Haifa, Israel visited Nanjing, he gave a talk and advanced the collaborative research between Nanjing and Haifa.

  • 2017-08-29, a manuscript entitled: "Origin of heavy Fe isotope compositions in high-silica igneous rocks: a rhyolite perspective" has been accepted for publication in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Atca, graduate student Dehong Du is the first author. Congrats, Dehong!

  • 2017-08-28, Weiqiang Li attended the Sino-EU workshop on Lunar Science and gave a talk on "Development of high precision K isotope analytical method for extraterrestrial samples".

  • 2017-08-16, a manuscript entitled: "Updating the Geologic Barcodes for South China: Discovery of Late Archean Banded Iron Formations in the Yangtze Craton" has been accepted for publication by Scientific Reports, graduate student Hui Ye is the first author. Congrats, Hui!

  • 2017-08, Jiaxin She and Zhiguang Xia joined the metal stable isotope research group, welcome Jiaxin and Zhiguang!

  • 2017-8-13, Weiqiang Li attended the Goldschmidt conference in Paris and gave an oral presentation entitled: "Tracing hydrothermal fluids in porphyry systems using K and Mg isotopes". He also gave an oral presentation entitled: "Mg isotope variation of dolomitization of limestone: A case study of the carbonate profile of Middle Triassic age, Southeastern China" on behalf of Prof. Wenxuan Hu.

  • 2017-7-20, a manuscript titled "Potassium isotope fractionation between K-salts and saturated aqueous solutions at room temperature: laboratory experiments and theoretical calculations" has been accepted for publication in GCA.

  • 2017-6-12, Weiqiang Li attended the 11th International Symposium on Geochemistry of the Earth's Surface in Guiyang and presented the most recent work on K isotope geochemistry at low temperature systems.

  • 2017-6, In this graduation season, graduate students Bingfei Gao defended his Masters thesis, and undergraduate students Hengdi Liang, Yizhou Lu, and Muhtar defended their Bachelor's theses. Congratulations to them for their graduations and wish them a bright future!

  • 2017-4, Weiqiang Li, Changzhi Wu, Hui Ye and Shugao Zhao went to Hanzhong to conduct field work on the Archean Yudongzi banded iron formation.

  • 2017-4-19, Weiqiang Li attended the 16th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society for Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry, and presented a talk entitled "Isotopic fractionation of K and Mg in porphyry Cu deposits".

  • 2017-4-7, a manuscript titled "Vital effects of K isotope fractionation in organisms: observations and a hypothesis" by Weiqiang Li, has been accepted for publication in Acta Geochimica.

  • 2017-3-21, a manuscript titled "Resetting of Mg isotopes between calcite and dolomite during burial metamorphism: Outlook of Mg isotopes as geothermometer and seawater proxy" that is first-authored by Zhongya Hu, has been accepted for publication in GCA. Congratulations to Zhongya and the co-authors!

  • 2017-3-8, a Skyray ICP-3000 type ICP-OES is installed.

  • 2017-2-20, the high precision micro-drill system is installed.

  • 2017-1-19, attended the Annual Workshop on Isotope Geochemistry in Qingdao, Shandong Province, and gave a speech entitled "Progresses in low temperature K isotope geochemistry"


  • 2016-11, Shugao Zhao and Hui Ye passed their qualify for PhD and became PhD candidates. Congrats!

  • 2016-11, Weiqiang Li attended the 6th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Laser-Ablation and Micro-analyses in Wuhan, Hubei province, and gave a talk entitled: High precision in situ analysis of Sn stable isotopes

  • 2016-09-26, Weiqiang Li and PhD candidate Shilei Li visited University of Wisconsin - Madison and did a three-weak campaign on K isotope analysis

  • 2016-9-22, Weiqiang Li, Chuan Liu, and Tianyi Huang attended the 14th National conference on Paleogeography and Sedimentology in Jiaozuo, Henan province, and gave three talks in the dolomite session

  • 2016-9, Two graduate students, Chuan Liu and and Tianyi Huang, joined the metal isotope geochemistry group. Welcome, Chuan and Tianyi!

  • 2016-8-23, Weiqiang Li visited National Institute of Metrology to for a second trial of K isotope analysis using their IsoProbe MC-ICP-MS

  • 2016-8, the Hitachi SU 1510 SEM was installed

  • 2016-7-20, Weiqiang Li passed the defense for "CAREER Award for early career scientist" by NSFC

  • 2016-7-8, Weiqiang Li gave a lecture for the workshop in the Union of Key Laboratories on Solid Earth in China, entitle: Stable Isotope Geochemistry of K

  • 2016-6-26, Weiqiang Li attended Goldschmidt Conference in Yokohama, Japan, where he chaired a session and gave a talk entitled Potassium isotope fractionation between K-salts and saturated aqueous solutions

  • 2016-6-21, Dr. Xiaobin Cao from Louisiana State University visited Nanjing University and gave a talk entitled: Equilibrium H and O isotope fractionation between ice and water vapor

  • 2016-5-24, Dr. Xinyuan Zheng from University of Wisconsin - Madison visited Nanjing University and gave a talk entitled: Si isotope fractionations in simulated Precambrian seawater–towards a better informed interpretation on Si isotope records from Precambrian sedimentary rocks

  • 2016-5-16, Weiqiang Li gave a talk on K isotope geochemistry and cosmochemistry in the Founding Ceremony of Lunar and Planetary Science Institute, Nanjing University

  • 2016-4-25, Weiqiang Li joined Prof. Changzhi Wu to do fieldwork for Au and Fe deposits in Liangning province, China

  • 2016-3-17, Weiqiang Li visited National Institute of Metrology to use their IsoProbe MC-ICP-MS for K isotope analysis

  • 2016-3-25, Prof. Clark Johnson from the University of Wisconsin - Madison visited Nanjing University for two weeks. He taught a short course on Isotope Geochemistry for the graduate students

  • 2016-2-16, a K isotope paper is published:  http://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2014/JA/C5JA00487J#! divAbstract

  • 2016-1-17, Weiqiang Li attended the Workshop on Isotope Geochemistry in Guangzhou, and gave a speech entitled "Mg isotope fractionation between dolomite-group minerals and aqueous solutions"

  • 2016-1, Weiqiang Li joined Prof. Changzhi Wu's field trip to Xinyu, Jiangxi Province to sample Neoproterozoic banded iron formations


  • 2015-12-23, Weiqiang Li gave a invited talk in the "Geoscience Salons" organized by the Graduate students union of the School of Earth Sciences

  • 2015-12-14, Weiqiang Li attended AGU and gave a talk entitled: Identification of biologically recycled continental materials in banded iron formations

  • 2015-12-6, Weiqiang Li gave a keynote speech in the Union of Key Laboratories on Solid Earth in China, entitle: New perspectives on the genesis of banded iron formations

  • 2015-11, Dr. Leah Morgan from USGS and Dr. Brett Davidhaiser-Kroll from University of Colorado - Boulder visited Nanjing University for exchange in K isotope geochemistry

  • 2015-10, A project jointly funded by NSFC and ISF was approved, Weiqiang Li will investigate Mg isotope geochemistry of dolomite with collaborators Dr. Nicolas Waldmann and Dr. Or Bialik from University of Haifa, Israel 

  • 2015-11-21 Weiqiang Li and students joined Prof. Changzhi Wu's group to conduct fieldwork in Chaohu, Anhui Province

  • 2015-10 Two undergraduate students, Qichen Zeng and Qinyu Huang, started their undergraduate innovation project with Weiqiang Li. The research topic is diffusion of elements in aqueous solutions

  • 2015-09 Two graduate students, Xiaomin Wang and Shugao Zhao, joined the metal isotope geochemistry group. Welcome, Xiaomin and Shugao!

  • 2015-09 The Rigaku Rapid II XRD was installed

  • 2015-08-15 Weiqiang Li returned to University of Wisconsin - Madison to perform more K isotope measurements

  • 2015-08 Weiqiang Li and students joined Prof. Changzhi Wu to do field work in Xinjiang Province

  • 2015-06 Weiqiang Li visited University of Wisconsin - Madison and tested K isotope measurement using their IsoProbe MC-ICP-MS

  • 2015-06 Weiqiang Li attended AbSciCon and gave a talk entitled: Isotopic Records of Thriving Dissimilatory Iron Reduction Microbes in the Late Archean Ocean

  • 2015-06-25 A paper on Fe iostopes in BIF is published in PNAS:

  • 2015-03-01 A paper on Mg isotopes is published in GCA: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0016703715001076

  • 2015-01-01 Weiqiang Li's NSFC-funded project started.


  • 2014-12-05 Weiqiang Li physically returned to China and started his job at Nanjing University

  • 2014-07-01 Weiqiang Li officially joined Nanjing University

Graphic News

Progress made with instrumentation


The year of 2020 was a difficult year for our lab, installation of the Nu1700 Sapphire MC-ICP-MS in January 2020 was terminated early due to the outbreak of the pandemic and the instrument was not really functioning as we expected. We were not able to produce isotope data even we tried very hard on it. At the beginning of 2021, the Nu Instruments company arranged a Chinese engineer, Mr. Zhanling Fan, to visit our lab and fix the instrument with the remote help from British engineers in UK factory. Now the collision cell is installed and begins to function. Additionally, a refurbished New Wave 213nm laser ablation system has arrived to our lab. 

Field work at Yichang, Hubei Province

From left to right, Liu Yang, Yang Qu, Zhongya Hu, Haoran Xu, Yan Yuan, Jin Wang

Finally, the influence of COVID-19 is over in China and we can go out and do some field work. A group of three professors (Tianyu Chen, Tao Yang, and Weiqiang Li) and six students (in photo) went to Yichang between October 6 and October 10. We took samples from a Cryogenian-Ediacaran section that was newly exposed by road cut. It was great experience to knock rocks while the three gorges dam was within our sight!

Installation of Nu1700 Sapphire MC-ICP-MS

From left to right, Bei Huang, Jame Ash, Weiqiang Li, Jon Stokes, Shichao An

James Ash and Jon Stokes, the installation engineers from Nu Instruments, came and installed the mass spectrometer! They finished the installation earlier than the plan and went back to UK due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in China. ​

Fieldtrip to Fulu to see the Cryogenian iron formations

In mid November of 2019, Weiqiang Li and Changzhi Wu led a field trip with students and visitor Dr. Max Lechte to Sanjiang County of Guanxi province and Tongdao County of Hunan province, to see the Fulu iron formation.

Fieldtrip to the Qaidam salt lakes

In mid May of 2019, Weiqiang Li and Changzhi Wu led a field trip with students and postdocs to the salt lakes in Qaidam basin, Qinghai province on the Tibetan plateau.

On-site inspection of the collision cell Nu-1700 MC-ICP-MS

In early December 2018, Weiqiang Li went to the Nu Instruments factory to inspect and test the performance of the collision cell Nu1700 MC-ICP-MS. The instrument is going to be delivered to Nanjing University in early 2019.

Field trip to the world-class wollastonite deposit at Xinyu, China

from left to right: Hongbin Li, Weiqiang Li, Shugao Zhao, Jun Mu

In November 2018, Weiqiang Li, Shugao Zhao, and Jun Mu went to Xinyu to investigate the newly discovered wollastonite deposit, which has the largest wollastonite reserve in the world. With the help of Hongbin Li from 912 Geological Prospecting Company, they sampled a drill core that bored through the ore body.

Installation of the micro-XRF spectrometer

In August, with the installation of the iXRF micro x-ray fluorescent spectrometer, the lab gained the capability to perform in situ analysis as well as elemental mapping.of geological samples

First student graduated with Masters degree!

Xiaomin Wang defended his thesis!

After three years of study and research, Xiaomin Wang successfully graduated with a Master's degree from Nanjing University

Fieldwork in Israel (March 2018)

Chuan Liu, Or Bialik, Weiqiang Li, and Yukun Shi

This fieldwork in Israel is a part of the collaborative project between Weiqiang Li from Nanjing University and Nicolas Waldmann from University of Haifa.

Academic exchange at Kangwon National University

in Chuncheon, Korea

0n January 5, 2018. Weiqiang Li visited Dr. Kideok Kwon's lab for collaboration on K isotope fractionation factor calculation and gave a seminar on banded iron formation to the department.

Giving a plenary presentation on Banded Iron Formation

at Qianhu Convention Center, Nanchang

0n December, 2017. Weiqiang Li gave an plenary talk on banded iron formation at the 8th Congress of Economic Geology and Mineral Exploration of China.