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Prof. Birger Schmitz gave a talk on Astrogeobiology


Prof. Birger Schmitz from Lund University of Sweden visited our school and gave an presentation entitled "The largest collision in late solar system history and its effects on climate and life on Earth: The breakup of the L - chondrite asteroid 470 Myr ago"

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Jiaxin's PhD defense

Jiaxin She defended his PhD thesis!

On August 12, 2023. Jiaxin She defended his PhD thesis on Sn isotope geochemistry. In the same morning, Jiaxin's classmate Tianhua Wang passed another PhD defence. Tianhua Wang's PhD thesis is on theoretical calculation of Sn speciation and Sn isotope fractionation. 

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Goldschmidt conference

Lyon, France

Four group members (Weiqiang Li, Shichao An, Zhiguang Xia, Sam Boschi) attended the Goldschmidt Conference held in Lyon France in early July. It has been four years since we attended this conference last time

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Attending the 7th National Sedimentological Congress of China


Zhongya Hu, Weiqiang Li, Zhiguang Xia

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The 4th Non-traditional Stable Isotope Summer School

Photo 4, 2022/8/14

The closing ceremony, students receiving their certificates for successful completion of the five-day summer school

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The 4th Non-traditional Stable Isotope Summer School

Photo 3, 2022/8/14

Prof. Gangjian Wei gave the  closing speech for the completion of the summer school

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The 4th Non-traditional Stable Isotope Summer School

Photo 2, 2022/8/10

Q&A between the lecturer and audience

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The 4th Non-traditional Stable Isotope Summer School

Photo 1, 2022/8/10

Prof. Xiankun Zhu gave the opening speech and the first lecture on history of the Non-traditional Stable Isotope Geochemistry

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Chuan Liu's PhD graduation


After 7 years of hard work, Chuan Liu had erned his PhD, and graduated from Nanjing University. He will start a Boya Postdoctral Fellowship in Peking University. Best wishes for him!

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Fieldwork for the new year

Collecting precambrian dolostones in Xuzhou region

From left to right, Zhongya Hu, Weiqiang Li, Zhiguang Xia, photo taken by Haoran Xu

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Lunar sample comes to our lab!

A tiny piece of rock from the moon, a big sense of pride from the heart.

We were successful in aquiring a tiny piece of lunar rock fragment (17.6 mg) returned from China's Chang'e-5 mission. We will perform high precision isotope analysis of K, Mg, and Fe on this sample. Everyone is excited and proud for the achievement of our lab and our country. 

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Symposium on High Precision K isotope analysis and applications

Prof. Xisheng Xu addressing the opening of the symposium

On November 1, 2021, we held a Symposium on the topic of "High Precision K isotope analysis and applications" in meeting room 205 of Xianlin Campus. In this symposium, we invited Prof. Guilin Han from China University of Geosciences, Beijing, Dr. Haiyag Liu from Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Drs. Haiou Gu and He Sun from Heifei University of Technology to attended the symposium. The invited speakers and Prof. Weiqiang Li gave four talks on the latest developement of K isotope geochemistry.

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Fieldwork in Jixian, Hebei Province


First row from left to right: Weihao Yan, Zhiguang Xia, Jiayang Chen, Zhihan Ji, Qingyu Huang; Second row from left to right: Yuqi Li, Chuan Liu, Haoran Xu, Xianglong Luo, Weiqiang Li, Zhongya Hu, Xuelei Chu, Jun Mu

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Progress made on instrumentation


The year of 2020 was a difficult year for our lab, installation of the Nu1700 Sapphire MC-ICP-MS in January 2020 was terminated early due to the outbreak of the pandemic and the instrument was not really functioning as we expected. We were not able to produce isotope data even we tried very hard on it. At the beginning of 2021, the Nu Instruments company arranged a Chinese engineer, Mr. Zhanling Fan, to visit our lab and fix the instrument with the remote help from British engineers in UK factory. Now the collision cell is installed and begins to function. Additionally, a refurbished New Wave 213nm laser ablation system has arrived to our lab. 

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Field work at Yichang, Hubei Province

From left to right, Liu Yang, Yang Qu, Zhongya Hu, Haoran Xu, Yan Yuan, Jin Wang

Finally, the influence of COVID-19 is over in China and we can go out and do some field work. A group of three professors (Tianyu Chen, Tao Yang, and Weiqiang Li) and six students (in photo) went to Yichang between October 6 and October 10. We took samples from a Cryogenian-Ediacaran section that was newly exposed by road cut. It was great experience to knock rocks while the three gorges dam was within our sight!

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Installation of Nu1700 Sapphire MC-ICP-MS

From left to right, Bei Huang, Jame Ash, Weiqiang Li, Jon Stokes, Shichao An

James Ash and Jon Stokes, the installation engineers from Nu Instruments, came and installed the mass spectrometer! They finished the installation earlier than the plan and went back to UK due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in China. ​

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Fieldtrip to Fulu to see the Cryogenian iron formations


In mid November of 2019, Weiqiang Li and Changzhi Wu led a field trip with students and visitor Dr. Max Lechte to Sanjiang County of Guanxi province and Tongdao County of Hunan province, to see the Fulu iron formation.

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Fieldtrip to the Qaidam salt lakes


In mid May of 2019, Weiqiang Li and Changzhi Wu led a field trip with students and postdocs to the salt lakes in Qaidam basin, Qinghai province on the Tibetan plateau.

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On-site inspection of the collision cell Nu-1700 MC-ICP-MS


In early December 2018, Weiqiang Li went to the Nu Instruments factory to inspect and test the performance of the collision cell Nu1700 MC-ICP-MS. The instrument is going to be delivered to Nanjing University in early 2019.

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Field trip to the world-class wollastonite deposit at Xinyu, China

from left to right: Hongbin Li, Weiqiang Li, Shugao Zhao, Jun Mu

In November 2018, Weiqiang Li, Shugao Zhao, and Jun Mu went to Xinyu to investigate the newly discovered wollastonite deposit, which has the largest wollastonite reserve in the world. With the help of Hongbin Li from 912 Geological Prospecting Company, they sampled a drill core that bored through the ore body.

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Installation of the micro-XRF spectrometer


In August, with the installation of the iXRF micro x-ray fluorescent spectrometer, the lab gained the capability to perform in situ analysis as well as elemental mapping.of geological samples

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First student graduated with Masters degree!

Xiaomin Wang defended his thesis!

After three years of study and research, Xiaomin Wang successfully graduated with a Master's degree from Nanjing University

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Fieldwork in Israel (March 2018)

Chuan Liu, Or Bialik, Weiqiang Li, and Yukun Shi

This fieldwork in Israel is a part of the collaborative project between Weiqiang Li from Nanjing University and Nicolas Waldmann from University of Haifa.

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Academic exchange at Kangwon National University

in Chuncheon, Korea

0n January 5, 2018. Weiqiang Li visited Dr. Kideok Kwon's lab for collaboration on K isotope fractionation factor calculation and gave a seminar on banded iron formation to the department.

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Giving a plenary presentation on Banded Iron Formation

at Qianhu Convention Center, Nanchang

0n December, 2017. Weiqiang Li gave an plenary talk on banded iron formation at the 8th Congress of Economic Geology and Mineral Exploration of China.

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Attending the 11th Conference of Isotope Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry

at Fengda Hotel, Hefei

From left to right: Hui Ye, Shugao Zhao, Chuan Liu, Kang Shuai, Zhongya Hu, Weiqiang Li, Xiaomin Wang

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Sampling 2.8 billion-years-old rocks

Photo taken by Shugao Zhao

Weiqiang Li and Changzhi Wu and their students Hui Ye and Shugao Zhao are sampling drill cores for the Archean Yudongzi Banded iron formation.

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Presenting K isotope research at Goldschmidt Conference

Photo taken by Dr. Fangyue Wang

Dr. Weiqiang Li made an oral presentation on K isotope study of porphyry Cu deposit at the Goldschmidt Conference in Paris on August 13, 2017

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Zhongya Hu presented his research at AAPG meeting


In April 2017, Zhongya Hu presented his research on Mg isotope resetting between dolomite and calcite during burial metamorphism at AAPG meeting

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Installation of the ICP-OES


On March 8, 2017, an ICP-OES was installed. This spectrometer is made by a Chinese company and is capable to collect the whole optical emission spectrum in a single exposure, which allows fast determination of about 70 elements in solutions at the ppm-thousand ppm range.

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