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Postdoc opportunity

The Metal Stable Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory of Nanjing University (NJU) invites applicants for a postdoctoral research position in isotope geochemistry or economic geology that is funded by the NJU international postdoc program.


The successful applicant will join a research group of metal stable isotope geochemistry that is led by Prof. Weiqiang Li. Potential research topics include: 1) metal isotope geochemistry of chemical sediments, such as Mg isotopes in dolomite and evaporites, and Fe isotopes in iron formations. 2) metal isotope geochemistry of endogenic mineral deposits, such as Fe-Zn-Cu isotopes in porphyry copper deposits, skarn deposits, massive sulfide deposits, and other magmatic mineral deposits. 3) method development of novel isotopic systems and their geochemical or cosmochemical applications, such as K isotopes, Sn isotopes, Ti isotopes. I will also be willing to support the applicant’s own proposed research project in the broad field of metal stable isotope geochemistry. 



- Major in isotope geochemistry, sedimentary geology, economic geology, or a related field;

- Hold a doctoral degree from an institution out of China for less than three years at the time of application;

- Strong laboratory skills

- Good communication skills and ability to work in a diverse team.


The postdoc position is awarded for two years, and the annual salary is 300,000 RMB (1 RMB = 0.15 USD) including basic salary, housing allowance, and assurance. Travel expenses to international conferences will be supported by the lab. For details about this position and living in Nanjing, please contact Prof. Weiqiang Li. To apply, please send a CV, publication list, and a 2-page statement of research interest by email to Prof. Weiqiang Li ( This advertisement is valid till the job vacancy is filled.



Weiqiang Li

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