Graduate students

Shugao Zhao (PhD candidate)

Shugao is currently working on skarn mineralization using metal stable isotopes

Chuan Liu (PhD candidate)

Chuan is currently working on experimental calibration of Mg isotope fractionation between dolomite-analogue minerals and aqueous solutions

Dehong Du (PhD candidate)

Dehong is currently working on Fe isotope composition of highly evolved igneous rocks. co-supervised with Prof. Xiaolei Wang

Jiaxin She (PhD candidate)

Jiaxin is working on Sn isotope geochemistry.

Zhiguang Xia (PhD candidate)

Zhiguang is working on K and Mg isotope geochemistry of evaporites

Jun Mu (PhD candidate)

Mu Jun is currently working on K isotope geochemistry of continental weathering.

Xianglong Luo (MSc student)

Xianglong is currently working on K isotope geochemistry of igneous rocks.

Yuqi Li (MSc student)

Yuqi is currently working on K isotope fractionation between alunite and aqueous solutions

Haoran Xu (MSc student)

Haoran is currently working on Mg isotope geochemistry of dolostones

Zhihan Ji (MSc student)


Jiayang Chen (MSc student)